Aurea Social administration

This Administration Guide covers procedures for both technical administrators and business administrators.

This Administration Guide is part of a set of documents for using and managing Aurea Social, covering both the core product and all optional modules.

Version 5.5 modules

Version 5.5 solutions

Diagnosting logging

Managing & installation

NewsGator Management

Maintenance section

User Experience section

Display Settings page

Lookout360 settings page

Search Settings

Mobile Settings page

Terms of Use Configuration page

Abuse Reporting Configuration page

Reporting Configuration page

Configure Smart Tips page

Translation Settings page (SharePoint 2013 / 2016 only)

Office 365 Bridge (SharePoint 2013 only)

Manage Suite Bar Links (SharePoint 2013 only)

Miscellaneous Settings page

Configuration section

Configuring Farm Settings

Job Configuration page

License Configuration page

Email and Notifications section

Configure Email Settings page

Customize Email Contents page

Customize Notification and Digest Email Subject

Lync Notifications feature

Exchange Settings page

Community and Spheres section

Managing the Public Community Members group

Managing Community Templates

Setting up Aurea Social Spheres

Merge Sphere Data Into Community

Debug section

Community Functionality

Creating a community

Note on permissions inheritance

Converting an existing site into a community

Creating and setting up a brand new public community (site-level)

Creating and setting up a brand new private community (site-level)

Creating and setting up a brand new community (site collection level)

Touring your new community

The Overview (default) tab

The Members tab

The Questions tab

The Admin tab

The Community Moderator role

Configuring a community

Community Setup Page

Setting Community Followers Using the Default Members Group

Automatically Subscribing Members to Notifications

Setting Community Followers Using SharePoint Audiences

Setting Which Libraries May be Used to Store Stream Attachments

Community Interests

Community Classification

Follow / Stop Following Integration Point

Optional Community Features

Moderating a Community

Answer Turnaround and Quality

Granting Curator and Expert Roles

Setting the Notification Email Timing

Opting out of reminder emails

SharePoint Workflow Integration

Archive Community

Spheres Functionality


Enabling the Lookout Page

Setting the My Site link to display the Lookout Page

Assigning Lookout Tiles to Groups of Users using Tile Sets

Web Parts on Lookout

Lookout Mobile Web

Integration with Other web pages

Web part deployment

Adding Aurea Social web parts to the web part gallery

Installing the Pivot Viewer web part

Web part configuration

Search integration

Global functionality

Administration page

Spotlight Administration

Legal Audit Search


Global Activity Reporting

User Profile Completion Report

Questions and AnswersReport

Administration of Sphere Ownership

Global Email Addresses for microblogging and asking questions

Event Generation Outside Communities

Aurea Social Jobs

NewsGator Active User Count License Email Job

NewsGator activity notification

NewsGator Activity Publisher Job

NewsGator audience process job

NewsGator community process job

NewsGator Daily Activity Publisher Job

NewsGator Deleted Users Cleanup Job

NewsGator Digest Job

NewsGator Farm Content Sync Worker

NewsGator Glassboard Sync Job

NewsGator Live Analytics Processing Job

NewsGator Notification Cleanup Job

NewsGator Recommendations Job

NewsGator Reporting Database Load Job

NewsGator Retention Cleanup Job

NewsGator Social Harvesting Job

NewsGator Suggest Ahead Builder Job

NewsGator Top News Processing Job

NewsGator Unanswered Questions Notification Job

NewsGator User Profile Sync Job

NewsGator News Activity Stream Update Job

NewsGator News Email Job

NewsGator News Rapid Retrieval Job

NewsGator News Retrieval History Cleanup Job

NewsGator News Retrieval Job

NewsGator News Stream - Activity Event Cleanup Job

NewsGator News Stream - Audience Subscription Maintenance Job

NewsGator Subscription Activity Stream Update Job

NewsGator Spotlight Expertise Processing Job

NewsGator Spotlight Recognition Processing Job

NewsGator VideoStream Like Count Synchronization Job

NewsGator VideoStream Management Job

NewsGator Knowledge Base Like Count Synchronization

News Stream Module

Specifying News Stream administrators

Correcting basic failures

Adjusting article retrieval, distribution, and retention/cleanup behaviors

Central management of feed subscriptions

Filtering - Creating and Managing Queries

Setting up and configuring the interface for end users

Internal Communications Solution

Internal Communications enhancements

Idea Stream

Innovation Solution

Spotlight Module

Video Stream - administration

Aurea Social Enrich

Prerequisites and Compatibility

Knowledge Base

Video Scenarios

Mobile module v3.5+

Supported authentication methods

Supported Aurea Social server version

Supported Devices and Operating System Requirements

Mobile Settings in Central Administration

Lookout Mobile Web administration

Mobile API Endpoints

Mobile devices

Browser support

Language support

How Aurea Social 2013 Communities differ from Aurea Social Communities

Accessing administrative options

Configuring a community or social site

Navigation and Report access

Spotlight Module - Suggested uses for the included badge icons

Spotlight Module - troubleshooting

Video Stream - SharePoint configuration

Video Stream - Database Tables

Video Stream - Encoding Service

Video Stream - Streaming Server

Video Stream - Video Player

Video Stream -Activity Stream Messages

Video Stream - Encoding Console

Video Stream - troubleshooting checklist

Video Stream - getting more information from IIS

Aurea Social Video Stream Kontiki integration

Aurea Social Video Stream BrightCove integration

High level design for Push Notifications with Aurea Social Sites

Aurea Social Video Stream Kaltura Integration