Account/permissions prerequisites

  1. The account running the NewsGator Social Platform service application needs to be a farm administrator. Otherwise there will be numerous farm properties and persisted objects that it will not be able to update. See the section Managed Service Application App Pool under Installing or Repairing Social Sites for more details.
  2. When installing, upgrading, repairing, or uninstalling Social Sites you must use an account that meets the following prerequisites, all of which are verified for you on the prerequisite check screen of the installer:
    • The account must be an administrator of the server on which hosts SharePoint 2010’s Central Administration site.
    • The account must be a farm administrator in SharePoint.
    • The account must be an administrator of the User Profile Service Application, with full control.
    • The account must have sharing permissions to the User Profile Service Application, with full control (this is a distinct setting the one just above).
  3. The settings for the latter two of these can be found by going to the Application Management area in SharePoint Central Administration and by clicking the Manage Service Applications link, then selecting the User Profile Service Application.

    For further details on setting these permissions and the farm administrator permission, see Setting up your account with the SharePoint permissions that are needed to install Social Sites .