NewsGator Social Platform Management Page

Below are the section wise description of the NewsGator Social Platform Management Page:

NewsGator social platform management page

Maintenance section

User Experience section

Display Settings page

Lookout360 settings page

Search Settings

Mobile Settings page

Terms of Use Configuration page

Abuse Reporting Configuration page

Reporting Configuration page

Configure Smart Tips page

Translation Settings page (SharePoint 2013 / 2016 only)

Office 365 Bridge (SharePoint 2013 only)

Manage Suite Bar Links (SharePoint 2013 only)

Miscellaneous Settings page

Enable and configure mini profile

Activity Authors Can Delete Comments

Append User Full Name After @target

Allow Users to Share Private Events

Enable visual editor in post control

Append Full Name after @ Target

Use Full Name for @Targeting

Enable hashtag suggestions

Open hashtag page when filtering

Include all users in autocomplete when @targeting

Include all public discoverable groups in autocomplete when @targeting

Enforce preservation of activity event privacy

Enable editing microblogs, questions, comments and answers

Enable link previews

Suggest Ahead Capabilities

Community Recognition

jQuery Settings

Image Proxy Settings

Forbidden words

Item-Level discussions

Item-Level discussion redirects

Configuration section

Configuring Farm Settings

Job Configuration page

License Configuration page

Manage Cache Settings page

Email and Notifications section

Configure Email Settings page

Customize Email Contents page

Customize Notification and Digest Email Subject

Lync Notifications feature

Exchange Settings page

Enabling Exchange Integration in Aurea Social

Enabling Automatic Creation of Exchange Tasks from Stream Items Marked for Follow-up

Community and Spheres section

Managing the Public Community Members group

Managing Community Templates

Setting up Aurea Social Spheres

Merge Sphere Data Into Community

Debug section