Video Stream additional components installation

If installing the Video Stream module, an additional installation process must be performed now that the core installation has been completed. This will install the encoding server and streaming servers. These are distributed by an installer that is separate from the Aurea Social installer. Neither of these two components requires SharePoint to be installed on the same server.

It is advisable to install the Encoding Service on a server separate from the SharePoint farm. The Encoding Service will have high CPU usage which could interrupt service to any other applications hosted on the same server.

The Streaming Server can be installed onto a dedicated streaming server or a SharePoint server.

For Software Prerequisites, refer to “Before You Begin – Software prerequisites” in this manual.

For a summary of all of the relevant SharePoint features supporting Video Stream, see Video Stream SharePoint Features within this document.

If you have Kontiki and want to use it to handle streaming, please see Appendix O - Aurea Social Video Stream 5.0 Integration with Kontiki.