Aurea Social Enrich


The Enrich module for Aurea Social provides a number of features that help peers capture and share some of the valuable tacit knowledge that they don’t have an easy way of sharing and organizing otherwise.

The Knowledge Base feature provides a way for peers to conveniently create knowledge base articles from various sources including web pages, micro-blog posts, questions and documents.

Users can easily create an article from a web page using a bookmarklet and provide a description as to why the URL may be helpful to others.

Regular micro-blog and Q&A posts can easily be added as a knowledge base article for easier discoverability and searching.

Finally, knowledge base articles can be created for documents so that additional data about the document itself, its meaning and usage can be documented.

Inline commenting on all of these articles (on the page itself or in the stream) provides a way for peers to comment and ask additional questions about these articles often leading to additional and valuable meta-data.

The Video Scenario feature is a specialized way of using video to engage social learners about a situation or problem or case study. Here’s how it works.

The user watches an initial video describing a scenario. The user must then comment on how they would address the scenario before being able to watch the “outcome” video and see the comments from other scenario participants.

Creating a new video scenario is as easy as uploading two videos.