Lookout guide

Lookout: A personalizable home page

Lookout is a completely new personal page that gives users the ability to make the stream work the way they want. It is an optional capability.

Companies can continue to use the existing web parts by themselves or in conjunction with Lookout. Or they can use Lookout as the main starting page for end users.

Below is an example of this page after some personalization.

The highlight color for the Lookout page can be selected in Central Admin (see below). The screenshot below uses dark red instead of the teal in the previous view.

Lookout includes the ability to define personalized views of the activity stream called tiles. It also includes new user profile completion, a new recommendations capability, notifications display (which now consolidates notifications), navigation to your communities and spheres, a new unified search capability, enhanced settings controls, and a new user tour to show the key features.

The information on the Lookout page is organized with a post box at the top left above a set of tiles which indicate counts of key items for the user.

To the right of this area, a top bar provides navigation to communities, search, setings control and a help link.

Below this bar, columns display views of the activity stream or data from the tiles. Columns can be either wide or narrow. In wide mode, each item in the activity stream is shown with controls (like, comment, follow-up, etc) and a view of comments and likes.

In the narrow mode, only the content of the stream item is shown. Clicking on the stream item in narrow mode opens up a full view of that item with all the controls.

Columns can be dragged left or right to re-order them (the my stream column is always the furthest left, but others can move). Columns can also be refreshed individually and detached along with re-sized from the icon.

Click the in the upper-right corner of a column to closes it, but it can be opened again any time by clicking on the corresponding tile.

The my stream column, if it is opened, is always the leftmost column. If a column is not already opened when the user clicks on a tile, the column are opened immediately to the right of the my stream column if that is visible on the page.

If my stream is scrolled off to the left, the column is opened just to the right of the tiles. If a column is already open somewhere on the Lookout page but is not currently visible, the Lookout page scrolls left or right as necessary to show the column when the user clicks its tile.

A set of dots at the bottom of the page show the number of open columns. Clicking on a dot scrolls the Lookout page until that column is displayed. The my stream column is always represented by the left-most dot.

When multiple columns are opened, the user can scroll left or right by clicking the arrows on the right side of the screen.