Hashtag-centric pages

In many cases, clicking on a hashtag that is visible in a Aurea Social web part will open a new page that is dedicated to that hashtag.

As demonstrated in the example pictured below, the main portion of the page prominently identifies the hashtag, contains some options for the user, and has a view of posts that contain that tag.

A hash centric page

In this case, the user can choose to add this to their “interests” or “ask me about” portions of their profile which causes posts and questions containing the hashtag to show up in their activity stream.

Clicking the subscribe to tag button causes the user to be notified whenever the hashtag is used (for any post that the user could see).

The righthand side of the page shows statistics on usage of the hashtag.

If Spotlight is installed, people who score well on authority for this hashtag are shown in a column on the right.

Accessing this page

One way anyone can access this page is by clicking any hashtag displayed in the Trending Tags web part.

Also, if your organization has opted for it (via an option setting in SharePoint Central Administration), clicking a hashtag in any activity stream view brings up this page (instead of causing inline filtering of the stream based on the hashtag).