Aurea Social Innovation solution

The Innovation Solution is an optional and separate offering from the Aurea Social core offering. It includes all the features that relate to the crowdsourcing, evaluating, and executing of the innovation process. The Innovation Module includes and requires the Idea Stream module.

Valuable ideas or groups of ideas that are sourced from Idea Campaigns can be put into Innovation Labs, essentially a collaboration workgroup, so they can continue the incubation process of being discussed and vetted by experts. Within the Lab, ideas with merit are turned into project proposals where the true research and business case process begins.

These proposals are discussed in the Lab and have all of the supporting documentation tracked against them. Proposed projects that are deemed to be viable are launched from the lab into a project-specific community - with all of the relevant description information and documentation exported to it.

To ensure that the entire innovation process aligns with and supports corporate objectives, the Innovation solution includes a mechanism for specifying corporate objectives that can be cross-referenced to labs, project proposals, and projects.

To ensure that the overall innovation process is fruitful, a set of dashboard reports are available.