Aurea Social administration page

The Aurea Social administration page provides links to any of the following five global administrative pages which you have permission to access:

If you have the permission to see any one of these four admin pages, you can see the Social Sites Administration option in your personal menu in SharePoint.

Click Social Sites Administration

Click Social Sites Administration. This brings you to the Aurea Social Administration page.

Click any of the links listed to get to the corresponding administrative page.

Spotlight Administration

Legal Audit Search


Global Activity Reporting

User Profile Completion Report

Questions and AnswersReport

Administration of Sphere Ownership

Global Email Addresses for microblogging and asking questions

Event Generation Outside Communities

Aurea Social Jobs

NewsGator Active User Count License Email Job

NewsGator activity notification

NewsGator Activity Publisher Job

NewsGator audience process job

NewsGator community process job

NewsGator Daily Activity Publisher Job

NewsGator Deleted Users Cleanup Job

NewsGator Digest Job

NewsGator Farm Content Sync Worker

NewsGator Glassboard Sync Job

NewsGator Live Analytics Processing Job

NewsGator Notification Cleanup Job

NewsGator Recommendations Job

NewsGator Reporting Database Load Job

NewsGator Retention Cleanup Job

NewsGator Social Harvesting Job

NewsGator Suggest Ahead Builder Job

NewsGator Top News Processing Job

NewsGator Unanswered Questions Notification Job

NewsGator User Profile Sync Job

NewsGator News Activity Stream Update Job

NewsGator News Email Job

NewsGator News Rapid Retrieval Job

NewsGator News Retrieval History Cleanup Job

NewsGator News Retrieval Job

NewsGator News Stream - Activity Event Cleanup Job

NewsGator News Stream - Audience Subscription Maintenance Job

NewsGator Subscription Activity Stream Update Job

NewsGator Spotlight Expertise Processing Job

NewsGator Spotlight Recognition Processing Job

NewsGator VideoStream Like Count Synchronization Job

NewsGator VideoStream Management Job

NewsGator Knowledge Base Like Count Synchronization

News Stream Module

Specifying News Stream administrators

Correcting basic failures

Adjusting article retrieval, distribution, and retention/cleanup behaviors




Central management of feed subscriptions

Defining the system feed collection

Pushing personal subscriptions

Filtering - Creating and Managing Queries

Setting up and configuring the interface for end users


Personal feed integrations with external accounts

Internal Communications Solution

Creating the Service Application

Landing Page


Tile Sets

Internal Communications Console

Message Queue page

Internal Communications enhancements

Idea Stream

Crowdsourcing Ideas

Innovation Solution

Implementing Ideas

Administering the Process

Spotlight Module

Granting administrative access

Rights required to change Expertise scoring

Navigation to the Spotlight administration site

Adding Spotlight web parts to the gallery

Expertise feature


Recognition feature

Community Badges

Direct User-to-user (Kudos) Badges

Dependent Badges

Count-based Badges

Viewing administrative reports

User options for display and hiding of badges

Video Stream - administration

Video Stream and Multi-farm deployments

Video Player options

Other Video Stream options



Managing encoded videos

Verifying your configuration and making other changes

Third-party video solution integration

Video List management

Video Stream - Troubleshooting