Modules in version 5.5

In version 5.5, the modules are:

News Stream: News Stream enables organizations to select an unlimited number and variety of blogs, articles, Twitter streams and other feeds. Individuals can customize their streams so they only see stories that match their interests.

The stories can appear in the personal activity stream, on the WebPages, desiktops, mobile devices, and in Aurea Social communities.

Enrich: Enrich is a learning and knowledge sharing platform. It allows employees to share information and peer experiences.

Spotlight: Spotlight automates the discovery of experts within an organization. It also recognizes experts through the award of merit-based badges. Spotlight helps employees find mentors or authorities who can answer urgent questions.

Video Stream: With Video Stream, end-users can easily upload, store and stream videos from a browser or mobile interface. Videos become social objects that can be browsed, liked, commented-on, and shared with others.

Video Stream supports a broad range of encoding and streaming formats with it’s own storage and streaming infrastructure. In lieu of using Video Stream’s native architecture, third-party enterprise video solutions like Kontiki and Azure Media Services (and others on a custom basis) can be used for encoding, streaming and storage.

Videos from third-party systems can be embedded in the stream including YouTube, Vimeo, SlideShare, Kaltura, Qumu and others.