How to grant rights to delete all events

Below are the steps to grant access to delete all events:

  1. Open SharePoint Central Administration.
  2. Under the Application Management area, click the Manage Service Applications link.
  3. Click Manage Service Applications

  4. From the list that appears, select NewsGator Social Platform Services (do not click on the name itself, which navigates away to a different page).
  5. In the menu area, click Administrators. A dialog window titled Administrators for NewsGator Social Platform Services displays.
  6. Click Administrators

  7. Type the name of the account that you want to be an administrator, with domain name, in the box at the top of the dialog.
  8. Click the Check user icon below the box to validate the username you typed. When you have it correct, click the Add button.
  9. Make sure this account is now selected in the middle box.
  10. In the Permissions for <user>… box at the bottom, check Delete Events to allow the user to delete any activity stream event in the system.
  11. Click OK to close the dialog.
  12. Administrators for NewsGator Social Platform Services window