Planning and installation

This section guides you through the installation of the Skyvera Social. You should have administrative rights before installing these products on your information technology machines.

Read through the entire section prior to beginning the installation process. Each section has information about preparing for installation and what to have on hand, what to expect, how to handle situations, etc.

This section also includes key updates in recent releases.

Version 5.5

In the 5.5 release, all components have had their version numbers set to 5.5. The components include:

  • Core Skyvera Social solutions
  • Video Stream
  • Internal Communications
  • Engagement Scorecard

This should make it more simple to know the current version, and ensure compatibility between the components. The 5.5 release contains the same changes added to version 5.4.37 to facilitate installing on some SharePoint 2016 configurations and is the recommended release for any SP2016 deployment.



Software prerequisites

Configuration prerequisites

Install settings

Setting up your account

Granting isolated app pools access to each other

Creating an admin site

Adding warning to event log

How to grant rights to delete all events

Connecting Child Farms to NewsGator Services on the Parent Farm

Compatibility with SharePoint cumulative updates

Powershell for installation

Managing your Aurea Social installation with PowerShell

Configuring the Video Stream Encoder

Video Stream SharePoint features

Performance testing and sizing of Video Stream

Test environment (Hardware)

Test methodology

Sizing guidelines

Aurea Social Video Stream 5.0 Integration with Kontiki

Capacity planning

Configuration planning for video stream

Steps before installing video stream

Scaling video stream

Account/permissions prerequisites

Things to gather and choices to make before installing

Installing to Sharepoint 2013

Installing to Sharepoint 2016

Installing to a multi-farm Sharepoint environment

When to upgrade, repair, or uninstall

Steps before installing, upgrading, or repairing social sites

Installation, Upgrade, and Repair

Installing by script

Installing by GUI

If something goes wrong during install

If you upgraded from Aurea Social v4.0 and have the Internal Communications solution

Video Stream additional components installation

Install instructions

If something goes wrong during the Video Stream additional components install

Installation Next Steps

Antivirus software

Stop back-end services on web front ends

Next steps for multi-farm installations

Turning on and configuring diagnostic logging

Create an SSL Alternate Access Mapping (SharePoint 2013 only)

Define what "Public" means for Communities

Create an admin site

Deactivate feature from web applications to which Aurea Social was not deployed

Activate web part features in site collections

For new installations with Spotlight

When running Spotlight in SSL environments

Upgrading from previous version

Instructions regarding Video Stream and Enrich Upgrades

Uninstall process

Uninstalling Aurea Social

Making changes to your installation

Creating web applications after Aurea Social is installed

Changing settings made during install

Upgrading video stream

Installing AppFabric

Why use Windows Server AppFabric cache?


Installation and configuration

Install AppFabric

Configure services Startup mode

Configure AppFabric cache host

Grant Application Pools access to the Cache

Update AppFabric

Copy and install AppFabric libraries to all SharePoint servers

AppFabric configuration in Aurea Social

Next steps and verification




Domain accounts running the caching service

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