Aurea Social communities -2010 Vs 2013

Non-owners see Reporting web parts by default

By default, several navigation links are added by Aurea Social to the Quick Nav on the left of a Team site.

Quick navigation

Reports gives access to the Aurea Social activity reports. In 2010, these are only shown automatically to site owners, as they are deployed to the Admin tab by default.

Site owners can change permissions or remove the link to restrict access.


In many cases, SharePoint gives users edit rights on the home page of the site. Site owners can also change permissions for this page to restrict changes.

Aurea Social Activity reports

The Members link gives access to the Aurea Social community members page.

Membership page

Managing which communities you follow

SharePoint 2013 provides new ways to follow and unfollow sites, and to see an overview of your followed sites, that in 2010 are provided by Aurea Social web parts for community sites.

Following communities is done via the SharePoint 2013 “follow site” control in the upper right of the page.

With Aurea Social installed, this control toggles when you click on it to show that you are following the site.

Communities that you are following are tracked within Aurea Social as well as on the Sites I’m following list accessed from the Sites link in the top navigation.

Communities followed by you

Users can choose to stop following a site from this list or from the control on the actual site. Hovering the mouse over the Following text displays the Stop Following option.

Hover mouse over Following