Using Powershell to perform a scripted install of Aurea Social on SharePoint 2010 SP1 or SharePoint 2013

These instructions are used for installations of eitherSharePoint 2010 SP1 or SharePoint 2013.

Before you begin

Before performing a scripted install of Aurea Social as outlined in this topic, read and follow all sections of this topic before the section titled Proceeding with Aurea Social Install/Upgrade/Repair.

Once the instructions in Compatibility with SharePoint Cumulative Updates are completed, you may find helpful suggestions in the subsection of the topic Install/Upgrade/Repair, if something goes wrong during install. Then proceed to the Next Steps section to check for other steps you’ll want to perform.


Aurea Social comes witha PowerShell-based installer that can be used to perform scripted installs to SharePoint 2010 SP1 or to SharePoint 2013. It can be found in the Scripts folder of the installation package. To launch PowerShell with both the SharePoint SnapIns and the Aurea Social Cmdlets loaded, run the Aurea Social Management Shell link from the Scripts folder.

From that command prompt, the following commands are available: