About Templates

A template is the starting point for any message. A template provides a structure for your message, such as the page layout and background color, and can contain graphics, HTMLHypertext Markup Language. A set of tags used to mark the structural elements of text files. HTML files include tags that create hyperlinks to other documents on the Internet. code, mail merge tags, and email enhancers.

You create templates in EmailLabs and use them in any list in both Aurea Campaign Manager and EmailLabs.

About Creating Templates

You create templates in EmailLabs by completing the following steps:

  1. Name the template and add content. The content can include graphics, HTML code, mail merge tags, and enhancers.
  2. In addition, if you will be using the template in EmailLabs:
  • Optionally, provide template defaults such as subject and segment. Template defaults are used in all messages based on that template in EmailLabs, but you can change the defaults for each message. For example, you can specify Monthly Newsletter as the default subject for the monthly newsletter template.
  • Create editable regions. Editable regions are sections in the template that you can edit in messages. The following example shows a template with an editable region.

What to do Next?