Using the Calendar

In the Calendar section of the Dashboard, you can schedule events and view your calendar by month, week, or day.

Changing the Displayed Time Frame

Click the Month, Week or Day button.

To view the activity for a particular day while in Month or Week view, click the day.

Moving the Calendar Forward or Backward

Click the Previous or Next button.

  • In Month view: Moves to the next or previous month.
  • In Week view: Moves to the next or previous week.
  • In Day view: Moves to the next or previous day.

Viewing the Calendar in Normal and Expanded Mode

By default, the calendar appears in Normal mode. In this mode, it appears on the screen with other Aurea Campaign Manager panels. You can also view a larger, full-screen version of the calendar in Expanded mode.

  • To view the Calendar in Expanded mode, point to the top-right corner of the Calendar and click on the Maximize button.

  • To view the Calendar in Minimized mode, point to the top-right corner of the Calendar and click the Minimize button.

Scheduling an Event

  1. Click the Add Event button. This opens the Add Event dialog.

  1. In the Title and Location boxes, type a title and a location for the event.
  2. To schedule your event, do one of the following:
  1. To schedule a specific time range:
  1. Click the From box and then choose the date you want in the mini-calendar.

  1. Click the Start Time box, and then choose a starting time from the list.

  1. Enter a To date and time using the same methods as above.
  1. To schedule an all day event, select All day event.


By default, each event occurs only once. You can specify that the event will repeat.

Adding a Description

Click the blank edit area at the bottom of the dialog, and then type the information. Click OK.

Moving an Event to a Different Day or Editing an Event

In the Calendar, do the following:

  1. Click on the event you want to move. Edit Event dialog box is displayed.
  2. Change the From and To date and time fields to the desired date.
  3. Click OK.

Viewing Details of an Event

There are two types of events in the calendar:

  • User events that you add, as described above. This type of event is listed on the calendar in pink color. Move the pointer over the event listing in the Calendar.

  • Mailing events that are automatically added as a result of a mailing. This type of event cannot be edited, but you can view the message details. This type of event is displayed in yellow color.

Deleting an Event

Click on the event you want to delete. In the Edit Event dialog, click the Delete button.