About My Stats

There are a number of statistics that give you important feedback about what is happening on your Web site and how your email marketing campaigns are doing. For example, on your Web site, you may want to track things such as total visitors to your site, the number of pages each visitor went to, the revenue per purchase or per visitor, and your total profit. For mailings, you might want to track the number of emails sent per month, the average clickthrough rate, and the unique click-to-open rate.

You can find these and other statistics in the various reports available throughout Aurea Campaign Manager. However, you can also choose to display up to three Website statistics and up to four Mailing List statistics in the My Stats section on the Dashboard.

Mailing List Statistics

  • Average clickthrough: The clickthrough rate (CTR) is the percentage of people who see your ad and click it to visit your Website. If 100 people see the ad, and five people click it, the clickthrough rate is 5%. The amount displayed in the Mailing Statistics box is the average rate for all lists.
  • Monthly Email Limit: The maximum number of emails you are allowed to send per month.
  • Monthly Email Sent: The actual number of emails sent per month.
  • Total active members: The total of members across all lists.
  • Total Click-to-Open Rate: The number of times a link in your email was clicked divided by the number of times your email was opened. This does not factor in unique clicks and unique opens. In other words, if an individual recipient opened your email several times, each occurrence is counted as an "open." The same is true for clicks.
  • Unique Click-to-Open Rate: The number of unique clicks on a link in your email divided by the number of unique times your email was opened. "Unique" means that if an individual recipient opens your email several times, it only counts as one "open." The same is true for clicks. This metric is a measure of how effective your message is motivating the recipient to click a link once they have opened the message. It is a better measure of the relevance of the message content, the effectiveness of the special offers, and overall layout and design of the message.