Using EmailLabs with ClickTracks - Overview

ClickTracks is a web analytics software package produced by Aurea Campaign Manager.

It helps you track and understand the impact your email campaigns are having on leads, conversions and more.

Using ClickTracks and EmailLabs together gives you much more powerful segmentation and reporting tools than if you use EmailLabs alone.

To help you understand different kinds of segments you can create in ClickTracks (and then use in EmailLabs), here is the ClickTracks segment selection screen:

Harnessing the power of the EmailLabs and ClickTracks integration is a three-phase process:

  1. Set up EmailLabs to work with ClickTracks.
  2. Set up ClickTracks to work with EmailLabs.
  3. Generate segments in ClickTracks based on the activity from an EmailLabs mailing.

For more information, see Setting up ClickTracks to work with EmailLabs.