Viewing Message Reports

After you send a message, you can view reports that give you valuable information about the results of your mailing.

Task Action

Viewing reports about a message that has been sent

  1. In the classic EmailLabs interface: in the left navigation bar, click View Messages.

  1. Click the drop-down list in the Actions column for the message and select View Reports. A window opens containing the Standard Message Report and a tab for the Visual Message Report.

Downloading a report summary

Click the Download command in the report window (the text following “Download” varies depending on the type of report).

Viewing a report about a specific delivery statistic

Under Delivery Statistics, click the name of the category (blue text indicates an available report).

Viewing a clickthru report

Under Clickthru Report, select one of the following: 

  • Opens Histogram
  • Clicks Histogram
  • Demographic Breakdown
  • Segment Report

Viewing the target page for a link in your message

In the HTMLHypertext Markup Language. A set of tags used to mark the structural elements of text files. HTML files include tags that create hyperlinks to other documents on the Internet. Clickthrus section, click the desired link.

Viewing a demographic breakdown for clicks on a link

In the HTML Clickthrus section under Unique Clicks, click the number for the desired link.

Viewing a list of recipients who clicked a link

In the HTML Clickthrus section under Unique Clicks, click the Breakdown command for the desired link.

Viewing a more visual presentation of your message report

Click Visual Message Report.

Viewing the HTML or text version of your message

In the Visual Message Report, click HTML or Text.