About Suppression Lists

Suppression lists give you the ability to specify which email addresses should not receive a specific message.

You can select a suppression list when sending a message, and the message will not be sent to the email addresses on those suppression lists.


For information about working with Black Lists in EmailLabs, see Using the Black List in EmailLabs.

You can use any suppression list in any message, and can select several suppression lists for each message. If you have the Edit Global Email Settings permission, you can also create, edit, and delete suppression lists.

You can view and edit suppression lists on the Lists page.

Viewing Suppression Lists

On the ListsTo open the Lists page, on the Navigation bar, click Email Marketing then Lists. page, select Suppression List from the List Type drop-down list.

Element Description
Show Chart Click on this button to view a graphical representation of the five largest suppression lists. The remaining suppression lists are combined in the Other slice. The legend on the right shows which suppression list each slice represents and the number of email addresses in each list.
Add List Click this button to create a suppression list or mailing list. For more information about creating suppression lists, see Creating, Editing, and Deleting Suppression Lists.
More Actions Use this drop-down list to edit a selected suppression list and delete several suppression lists at once.
Suppression Lists table Displays information about all your suppression lists, including name, ID, the number of email addresses, and the date the list was created. Point at the list name to perform various actions, such as edit, delete, manage, download, and add and remove email addresses.

Expand Hides the pie chart and expands the Lists table.

If the Pie Chart is hidden, this option changes to Collapse. To show the pie chart again, click Collapse.

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