Mailing Lists Overview

A mailing list contains the names and email addresses of your contacts.

The Lists page displays details about all your mailing lists. From this page, you can create, edit, and delete lists, as well as add and unsubscribe contacts and view reports.

Opening the Lists Page

On the navigation bar, click Email Marketing > Lists.

The Lists page opens as shown in the following illustration.

  • Show Chart: By default, the chart is hidden. Click on this button to view the pie chart. Shows a graphical representation of all your mailing lists, including what percentage of your total contacts are in each list.

  • Add List: Click this button to create a list. For more information about creating lists, see Creating, Editing, and Deleting Mailing Lists.
  • More Actions: Select additional functions from this drop-down list, such as manage attributes, edit, delete, global unsubscribe, and view reports.
  • Lists Table: Displays information about all your lists, including list name, the number of active contacts, status, and the date the last message was sent to the list. Point at the list name to perform various actions, such as edit, archive, and add contacts.


To learn about the meaning of an icon in the Status column, point at the icon.