Archiving and Activating Mailing Lists

If you have the Create/Edit User Mailing Lists permission, you can archive mailing lists. You might do this, for example, if you no longer use the list but want to keep the information it contains. If you decide to use an archived list later, you can activate it.

You can archive one list or several lists at once. To open the Lists page, on the navigation bar, click Email Marketing > Lists.

Task Action
Archiving One Mailing List
  1. Point at the name of the desired list and click Archive.
  2. Click OK. The list is archived and its status changes to Archived.
Archiving Several Mailing Lists at Once
  1. Select the check-boxes of the lists you want to archive.
  2. In the More Actions drop-down list, select Archive.
  3. Click OK. The lists are archived and their status changes to Archived.
Activating an Archived Mailing List Point at the name of the desired list and click Activate. The list is activated and its status changes to Active.

For additional list settings, use EmailLabs. See List Settings in EmailLabs.