HTML Editor: Image Properties

Using the button on the HTMLHypertext Markup Language. A set of tags used to mark the structural elements of text files. HTML files include tags that create hyperlinks to other documents on the Internet. editor toolbar, insert an image by entering the URLUniform Resource Locator. An Internet address, as well as a standard method of naming files on the Web. A URL begins with a protocol name (such as http), followed by a colon and two forward slashes(//). Next comes the name of the internet server that the file is stored on, followed by directories that hold the file, separated by forward slashes(/). The filename comes last, as shown in the following example: In the URL box, type or paste a URL that points to the desired image. Make sure the path for your images is the absolute path (the complete URL) and not the relative path.

  • Wrong: /img/product.jpg
  • Right:

When you add or edit an image, you can choose a variety of settings related to that image in the Image Properties pop-up box as shown in the following:

This dialog appears when you click on the inserted image. You can configure the following image properties

Image property Description
Replace image Allows you to replace an existing image. Click on , enter the URL of the image you want to add and click Replace.

Click on and select the desired button:

  • Align to the left
  • Align to the right
  • No alignment
Image caption Click on to add a caption to the image.
Link Click on and enter a URL to insert a link on the image. Upon adding a link, additional icons appear on the toolbar to allow you to edit or open the link.
Display Click on to change the display of the image. In the drop-down list, you can select either Inline option to align the image with a text or Break Text option to place the image after a text.
Style Click on to change the image style to rounded, bordered or shadowed.
Alternative text

Click on to insert a alternative text for the image. In the Alternative Text box, type the desired alternative text and click Update. This text appears if there is an error and the image cannot load. It is also helpful to users with text-only browsers.

Image size Click on to set height and width of the image.
Remove image Click on to remove the image.