Editing a Contact

Use the Edit Contact page to change the contact's email address and status, and to change the contact's proof contactUse proof contacts to find out exactly how the message will appear in your recipients' inboxes designation.


For more information about proof contacts, see About Proof Contacts.

You can also download a report of the contact's details and view the contact's email history.

Editing a Contact

Use the Edit Contact dialog to edit the contact.

On the Edit Contact dialog, make any of the following changes:

  • To change the email address, type the new email address in the Email field.
  • To change the status, select any of the following from the Status drop-down list:
  • Active: Contacts who are currently receiving all messages you send.
  • Unsubscribed: Contacts who unsubscribed from this list and are not currently being sent messages.
  • Bounced: Messages sent to these contacts have bounced back, so their current status is inactive.
  • Trashed: All inactive contacts, including unsubscribed and bounced. If you have double opt-in confirmation enabled, Trashed includes contacts who opted in from your web site and are waiting to be confirmed.
  • To designate the contact as a proof contact, select the Proof Contact check-box.
  • To no longer use the contact as a proof contact, clear the Proof Contact check-box.

For more information about proof contacts, see About Proof Contacts.

  • Change any attributes in the Attributes section.

Click OK to save your changes.

Viewing the Contact's Email History

  1. On the navigation bar, click Email Marketing > Contacts.
  2. Point at the desired contact and click Edit. The Edit Contact dialog opens showing the contact's email history in the bottom section.
  3. To view additional history information, click the Sent, Opened, or ClickThru tabs.

Downloading a Report with the Contact's Details

  1. Open the Edit Contact dialog for the contact.
  2. Click Download User Report. After the report is generated, the Download Ready dialog opens.
  3. On the Download Ready dialog, click Save.
  4. Navigate to the folder where you want to save the report and click Save. The report is saved in the location you selected.