Working with Email Enhancers

Viewing Your Email Enhancers

  1. In the left navigation bar, click Content Library.

  1. In the Content Library window, click Enhancers in the left hand navigation bar.

  1. If necessary, navigate to a sub-folder until the screen displays the desired content.

Searching for an Enhancer

  1. Under Search, click the Find box and click either File Name or File Type.

  1. Click the box that says beginning with and click the desired criterion.

  1. Click the empty text box to the left of the Search button, type the desired text to search for and click Search.
  2. Do one of the following:
  • To view all Enhancers again after doing a search, delete any text in the text-box to the left of the Search button and click Search.
  • To view different sections of the Enhancers table, choose one of the following

First 10 Rows

Previous 10 Rows

Next 10 Rows

Last 10 Rows

Expand Rows

To perform an action on an Enhancer (such as Edit or Delete), under Actions, click the command for the desired action.