Messages Page

The Messages page displays all messages for a mailing list. From this page you can add, edit, delete, and copy messages, as well as view message reports.

You can filter the list to display only specific messages. In addition, you can preview a message and see a thumbnailA miniature version of the message that you can use for a quick preview. view of the message.


This topic describe the Aurea Campaign Manager Messages page. You can also view and create messages using the older EmailLabs Messages interface.

Opening the Messages Page

On the navigation bar, click Email Marketing > Messages.

Component Description
Add New Message

Click this button to create a new message. For more information about creating a message, see Message Creation Overview.

More Actions Select additional functions from this drop-down list, such as stop, pause and resume sending messages, view reports, and export a message.
List The name of the current list. Click the arrow to view messages for a different list.
Status The current status. Click the arrow to view messages with a different status.
Type The type of the message created. Click the arrow to filter the list based on the type of the message, such as Scheduled Message, Scheduled Message (Split Tests) and Triggered Message.
Last Edited The date range for which the messages are displayed. Click the arrow to choose a different date range.
Message list

Displays message information, including name, status, list, ID and the date on which the message was sent. Point at the message name to perform various actions, such as preview, edit, copy, and delete.


To see a thumbnailA miniature version of the message that you can use for a quick preview. of a message, click next to the name of the desired message.

Search Search for a message in the PageAn individual topic within a Help system. Search Text field. To find a message, type the text you want to find in the text box and click .

Filtering the Message List

  • To see messages that were sent to a specific list, select the list from the List:drop-down list.
  • To see messages with a specific status, select the status from the Status:drop-down list.
  • To see messages edited on a specific date, select the date from the Last Edited:drop-down list.
  • To search for a message by name, type the name in the search field and click .

Copying or Editing a Message

You can copy a message to use as a basis for a new message. To copy a message:

  1. On the navigation bar, click Email Marketing > Messages.
  2. Point at the desired message and click either Copy or Edit to copy or edit a message respectively.

In either of the cases, the Edit Message page appears.

You can now edit the copy to create the new message. If you want to use a different template for the new message, see Selecting a Template. If you want to use the same template, see Creating and Editing Message Content.