About Attribute Types

When you create an Attribute in the form of a question, you must consider the best way for your customer to respond. Is the question a multiple-choice, or does it require a text response, which could be a sentence or more? Choose an Attribute type based on the type of information the question requests:

If the response to the question is:



A small amount of text:


Use for personalized information (for example, a street address).

A large amount of text:


Use for personalized information in paragraph format. Statistical information is not available for this.

A Yes or No decision:


Use when the customer should make a yes or no decision; selected means yes, cleared means no.

A specific date:


Use when you want a specific date, such as a birth date. This field automatically controls the format of the information.

A small list of choices:

Radio Button

Use when you have a small group of alternatives and you want your customer to choose only one. Click the Add button and type an option. Repeat for each option you want to add. The options are listed in the order that you enter them.

A long list of choices:

  • Select List: drop down list
  • Multiple Checkbox: list of check-boxes
  • Select List when you have a large list of items for your customer to choose from. For example, you offer a number of software products and you want the customer to choose which product they own. A selection list can be single or multiple choice. The user clicks to highlight a selection. Creating a Select List is similar to a Radio Button except you have two more options to select.
  • Multiple Checkbox provides one or multiple selections from multiple options. The user clicks to place an x in the check box associated with the selection. All choices are displayed.

A numbered list:


Use to assign a number to each incoming member record. The counter always starts at 1 and increases to a maximum value, if set at limited or unbounded, with no number limit.

The type of question you ask garners the results you are looking for. So, choose a type that best fits the responses you want and how you want to gather that information.