Assigning Keywords and Searching for Assets in the Asset Library

As your Asset Library grows in size, it becomes more difficult to find assets just by scrolling and looking. To make it easier to find assets, assign one or more keywords to each asset. For example, if you have numerous logos saved as images, you can assign the keyword logo to each asset. You can then use the Search feature to search on the keyword logo; only the images with that keyword (that is, all your logos) will appear as thumbnails.

Keyword Creation and Searching Rules

When creating keywords and searching, it is helpful to remember few rules.

  • The Search feature finds any whole word in the asset name or the keyword list.

Consider that you upload an asset with the name Electric Guitar.jpg. You then tag it with the keyword rock and keyword phrase string instruments. So, searching on the following keywords and keyword phrases results in a successful match (that is, the thumbnail for Electric Guitar.jpg appears in the main view):

  • Electric Guitar
  • Electric
  • Guitar
  • rock
  • string instruments
  • string
  • instruments

Observe that you do not need to type the file extension when searching.

  • The Search feature is not case-sensitive. So, searching on the following will also display Electric Guitar.jpg:
  • Electric guitar
  • electric guitar
  • electric
  • guitar
  • However, the following will not display Electric Guitar.jpg:
  • string instrument

The keyword phrase you tagged Electric Guitar.jpg with is string instruments. The string instruments phrase has an "s" at the end of instruments, but you omitted the "s" in your search phrase and typed instrument. Each word in your search phrase must precisely match its counterpart in the keyword phrase, so you would have to search on string instruments to get a match.


You do not have to include all words in the keyword phrase. If you searched for string alone, you would receive a match.

Adding and Deleting Keywords

Adding Keywords to an Asset

  1. Click the asset's thumbnail. A dialog appears displaying information related to the image.

  1. In the New Tag field, type the tags or phrases for the image and press the Enter key. Tags get added to the image.
  1. Upon completion, click Save.

Deleting a Keyword or Keyword Phrase

In the Tags listed in the asset's edit dialog, click on the x of the tag or phrase you want to delete.

Saving Your Changes

To save your changes and exit the asset's edit dialog, click the Save button.

Searching for Assets

The search feature finds any whole words in the asset name or keywords list.

Searching for Assets Using the Search Box

Type the name of the asset or a keyword in the Search box and click the Search button.

Searching for Assets by Type

Under Asset Types, by default, all types are selected and listed (as shown on the left hand side of the image). To view a particular Asset Type, deselect all types and select only the desired type (as shown on the right hand side of the image). The view changes dynamically when you make your selections.

Searching for Assets Using the Tags List

Click one of the keywords in the list.

All assets that have been assigned that keyword appear in the main view.