Choosing Repeat Options for a Calendar Event

You can specify that a Calendar event will repeat according to one of seven different schedules, and then choose how the repeat will occur.

Changing an Event to a Repeating One

Click the Repeats drop-down box and choose one of the repeat options.

Information about your choice appears in the Repeat Description box.

Choosing an End Point for the Repeating Event

  • If you want the event to repeat indefinitely, in the Range section, select never ends.

  • If you want the event to stop on a specific date, select goes until, click the mini-calendar, and choose an ending date.

Choosing the Frequency of a Repeating Event

For the Repeat options (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly), you can choose how frequently the event repeats. For example, for a Weekly event, you may want the event to occur every three weeks instead of every week.

To choose the frequency of an event, click the Repeat every drop-down box and select a number.

Choosing a Day of the Week

For a Weekly event, you can choose which day or days of the week the event will repeat on.


You can create the event on a specific day (which will be the first occurrence of the event), and then choose to have it repeat on a different day or days. For example, here is an event that starts on a Tuesday (March 27, 2018), and then repeats every Tuesday until the week of April 20, 2018:

To choose which day(s) of the week to repeat on, in the Repeat on section, select the desired day(s).

Choosing How a Monthly or Yearly Repeat Event is Interpreted

For the monthly and yearly events, a particular day can be viewed in two different ways. For example, consider an event starting on March 27, 2018, which is the fourth Tuesday in March, and having it repeat monthly. This can be viewed as "repeat on the 27th of each month" (regardless of which day of the week it falls on) or "repeat on the fourth Tuesday of the month" (regardless of the actual date). You can choose which of these interpretations to apply to an event.

To choose an interpretation, in the Repeat by section, choose Day of the month or Day of the week.

This will result in the following:

  • For a monthly event starting on March 27, 2018:
  • day of the month = "repeat monthly on the 27th day of the month"
  • day of the week = "repeat monthly on the fourth Tuesday of the month"
  • For a yearly event starting on March 27, 2018:
  • day of the month = "repeat yearly on the 27th day of the month"
  • day of the week = "repeat yearly on the fourth Tuesday in April"

The Repeat Description box changes to display information about your choice: