Introduction to Programming and ListManager

Aurea List Manager is a powerful, fast, and easily extensible tool to help manage your email distribution. For programmers, Aurea List Manager has a number of methods to customize and manipulate the behavior of the product.

Aurea List Manager uses powerful relational databases, such as Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle to store its data. You can view the table structure used by Aurea List Manager and write whatever extensions or custom reports that meet your needs. You can directly insert data, such as new members, in whatever programming language or environment that best meets your company's needs.

Beyond the exposed database design, the Aurea List Manager environment can be altered programmatically in a number of ways. There are pre-defined "hooks" in the program to run scripts at certain key times, and certain functionality is designed to be flexible, such as the automatic phrases content checks.

Lyris Aurea List Manager is the only product on the market that allows a programmer to create scripts that can be run to customize a message for each recipient "on the fly." With this ability, a programmer can create a script using the Tcl scripting language that customizes the contents of a message, one time, if desired, or to make it unique for each recipient. Ad banners can be rotated, flight schedules inserted; you can accomplish nearly anything that you can imagine.

The source code for key portions of the included web interface are provided with the product at http://yourlistmanagerserver/docs/api/index.html. This allows a programmer to customize the interface to make it fit within company look-and-feel standards or to augment the behavior for a custom subscribe form, for example.

Aurea List Manager has an exposed Application Programming Interface (API) called TclPort for web programmers and others who are interested in augmenting or changing the behavior of Aurea List Manager. Using TclPort, a programmer can create powerful Tcl scripts that can be run on the Aurea List Manager server, manipulating data in the SQL database or in program variables.

Aurea List Manager also has a SOAP-based API which may be invoked from any language that has SOAP support. Examples of ListManager's functions in different languages are available in your ListManager's soap directory:


Or, you may In the left Navigation bar, click Utilities: Other: Programming API.

Learn more about the SOAP-based API