Login Errors

Learn how to troubleshoot login errors.

The following errors may occur during login:

  • If a user logs on the first time and "Hello WWW" is displayed, the server registration link was probably wrong.

    A server can be de-registered with:


  • If the initial login failed (error message: "Login failed – No data has been synchronized for this user yet. Please check internet connection & user name" or similar), you can check whether authentication was successful by entering one of the following URLs into Safari:
    • For anonymous access (with username/password): <myServer>/mobile.axd?Service=Authenticate&Username=<name>&Password= <password>&ClientVersion=<AppStoreVersionNumber>

      AppStore version number: for example, 1.1

    • For authenticated access (with sso):
    • <myServer>/mobile.axd?Service=Authenticate&ClientVersion= <AppStoreVersionNumber>

      AppStore version number: for example, 1.1

    The authentication was successful if content similar to the following is displayed:

{"authenticated":true,"sessioninfo":["200",[["repName","Martin Praunias"], ["repId","010001909"],["repGroupId","000000000"],["repDeputyId",""], ["repSuperiorId",""],["repGroupId",""],["tenantNo","0"],["tenantName",""], ["tenantAdd",""],["datamodelVersion","1.0"],["clientRequestTimeout",""]]]}

  • If the login failed after the user has already logged in successfully at least once (error message: "Login Failed – Incorrect user name or password. Please check our login data and try again" or similar), try the following:
    1. Check the client log file for a response from the server with an error.
    2. Check the server log file for the error message.
    3. If you could not identify the cause, try the links for the initial login fail find ou if a correct response from the server is returned. If yes, try the following statement to find out if the data model or the configuration is corrupted: CRM.server/mobile.axd?Service=Synchronization&SyncDataModel=true& SyncConfiguration=true&SyncCatalogs=true