Adding the Insight Board to the Start Page

To add an Insight Board to the start page:

  1. Switch to the Legacy Forms area and open the StartPage form.
  2. Add a row of type InsightBoard and enter the following parameters (separated by semicolon) in the Func field.
    • MenuName: Name of the Insight Board's context menu.
    • RecordId: e. g. ID .$ curRep for the current rep.
    • Param1: Name (with the $ prefix) of a dependent start page component. For example, the default StartPage Legacy Form contains a DatePicker row with Calendar as Valuename assigned. You can therefore use $Calendar to display a tile with the selected day.



  3. You can define further options in JSON syntax in the Options field:
    • MaxVisibleItems: Limits the number of tiles displayed. If more tiles exist, the user can slide within the Insight Board.