Configuring an Insight Board

To configure an Insight Board:

  1. Switch to the Context Menu area and add a new context menu, e. g. InsightBoard.
  2. Add a context menu action for each tile and assign the InsightBoardItem, >> InsightBoardItem.
    • You must at least specify the ConfigName, i.e. the name of a Search&List configuration. This results in a tile displaying the number of records and switching to the record list when the user taps the tile.
    • You can provide a background color for an Insight Board item by specifying the hexcode of the required color in the BackgroundColor input argument.
    • If you want to call any action template except RecordListView, you need to also specify the ContextMenu input argument. The action assigned to the given context menu action is executed, when the user taps on the tile.
  3. Specify the InsightBoard.TitleEnabled Web Configuration parameter if you want to display a header, >> InsightBoard.TitleEnabled.