Defining Color Indicators for Appointment

You can define that color indicators are applied to your appointments depending on a specific value of a catalog field, e. g. the appointment type or its status.

To define a color indicator:

  1. Define an Expand configuration for each color that you want to assign and specify its Color parameter. Enter values for RGBA in hexadecimal (e.g. #FF0000FF) or floating point (e.g. 1;0;0;1) format. You can also use constants for some colors (e.g. red, blue, green, gray, yellow).
  2. Switch to the Expand configuration in the MA info area where you want to assign the color indicators.
  3. Add a row for each color indicator in the Alternatives area and define the criteria for each color. For example:

  4. This example (taken from the LSI industry solution) defines that depending on the appointment data the following alternative Expand configurations are applied:
    • Row 1: If the Status is set to "Completed", MA_Green is applied.
    • Row 2: If the Status is set to "Scheduled", MA_Red is applied.
    • Row 3: If Fixed contact time is set to true, MA_Yellow is applied.