Adding a New Appointment from the Week or Month View with a Long Tap

To add new appointments in the week or month view with a long tap on a specific date/time, you need the following configuration units:

  1. A filter, default: MA.TemplateCalendarNew:
  2. A button (not included by default) to assign the NewView action. In addition to the default parameters, ensure the following input arguments are set to the following values:
    Input Argument Value
    AdditionalParameters {"Date":"$Date$","Time":"$Time$"}
    ParentLink KPFI
    SavedAction Return
    TemplateFilterName MA.TemplateCalendarNew
  3. Switch to the CalendarView action call and enter the button's name in the NewAppointmentAction input argument.
Note: A new appointment can only be added for the current and future days.