Defining the Calendar Day View

The Day view is included in the default configuration and shows all appointments of the selected day.

To configure the Day view's details:

  1. The first line ("heading") is applied from the MA.Calendar table caption (same as the Calendar's pop-up).
  2. Further fields displayed above the separator (gray line) are defined by the Function names in the field group's List control. This field group must be given in the CalendarView action's ConfigName parameter (default value MA), >> CalendarView. The following Functions can be assigned:

    Date, Time, Type, Status, RepLabel, EndTime, EndDate, CompanyLabel, PersonLabel

    If some of these functions were not assigned in the field group, the corresponding area is left empty.

  3. The fields below the separator are defined in the MiniDetails control of the same field group. If no MiniDetails exist, the Details control's first panel is applied.
  4. You can use the SortSequence parameter in the CalendarView action to define how the appointment list is sorted, >> General Input Arguments.