Displaying Absences or other Info Areas in the Calendar

By default, only appointments are shown in the calendar. You can define that additional company- and person-related data is also displayed, e. g. absences.

To display data from other info areas:

  1. Create a context menu action for each info area you want to include in the calendar.
  2. Assign the CalendarView action to the previously created context menu actions. Only the following input arguments are supported/needed, >> CalendarView:
    • InfoArea
    • ConfigName
    • FilterName
    • RepFilter: The filters of all defined calendar configurations (i.e. all info areas displayed in the calendar) are applied.
    • Filter1 - Filter5 and Additional Filter: You can assign the same filters that were given in the "main" calendar's action call (default: SMARTBOOK application menu, LIST_MA menu action). These filters can contain parameters.

      If no filter is specified, all items of an info area are displayed regardless of the reps selected by the user.

  3. Switch to the "main" calendar's context menu action (default: LIST_MA menu action) and enter the previously created context menu action names into AdditionalCalendarConfigs input argument field of the CalendarView action call.