Adding/Editing Participants

You can also define that users can add participants or edit existing ones. This chapter describes the default configuration included in the MA configuration.

To add/edit participants:

  1. Switch to the Edit control of the activity's field group (e.g. MA) and ensure that the following two tabs exist:
    • Internal Participants (reps) with the REPPARTICIPANTS_<S&L>
    • External Participants (MB records) with LINKPARTICIPANTS_<S&L> type assigned, >> REPPARTICIPANTS / LINKPARTICIPANTS.
  2. Add the field from which participants are read from or written to (in the default configuration the Participant ID field) to both tabs.
  3. The Participant ID field is added to both tabs. Ensure that two more fields (FreeC1 and FreeC2) are added to the Link Participants tab. You could use any other text field as well, as they are only needed as placeholders for the following two Select-Functions:
    • {"Type":"Record","ContextMenu":"LIST_KP"}
    • {"Type":"Record","ContextMenu":"LIST_FI"}

  4. These Select Functions define the menu actions used for searching companies or persons. In this example the LIST_KP and LIST_FI menu actions are applied. They are included in the update.tablet configuration and are used to call the company and person lists. If you want other lists (e.g. using different filters), add a new context menu action with the RecordListView action call assigned.