Displaying Participants

You can define that the participants of an activity (MA) record are displayed. Participants can be reps (ID records) and other participants (MB records).

To add participants to a MA record:

  1. Switch to the desired field group's control for the MA info area, and assign the PARTICIPANTS_<S&L> type (e.g. PARTICIPANTS_MBPart), >> REPPARTICIPANTS / LINKPARTICIPANTS.

    The update.tablet configuration contains the MBPart Search&List configuration. You can also specify a filter in the Search&List configuration to limit the number of records.

  2. Define the List control for the corresponding field group (e.g. MBPart). This List control defines the links that are queried (usually KP and FI) and which fields are displayed. The following image shows the default configuration:

    Ensure that the following Functions are assigned:

    Field Function
    Part. Type Requirement
    Participation Status Acceptance
  3. Ensure that the Search&List configuration (e.g. MBPart) referencing the field group exists.

    If you assign SHOWRECORD as default action in the Search&List configuration, the user can open the corresponding company or person by tapping on the participant.