Example: Record Selector of Type Address

The following example shows how to define that a user can select one of the available addresses from the Company (FI) or from the Additional Addresses (ZA) info areas by tapping on a field in the Offer (PR) info area. In this example, the FreeC fields are used to copy the desired values.

  1. Add FreeC fields (e.g. FreeC1 to FreeC5) to the Edit control of the Offer (PR) info area's PR field group. These fields are needed to display record selector. Add one additional field that is used to start the record selector.
  2. The FreeC1 field is used to fire the record selector, therefore, enter = into the Function field and set the required field attributes, >> Required Field Attributes.

  3. Assign Copy1 to Copy[n] as Function for the other FreeC fields:

  4. Add the FreeC fields to the Details control of the PR field group.
  5. Add the following fields to the List control of the desired field group of the PR and the ZA info area and assign the corresponding Functions:

    Both info areas:

    Field Function
    Street Copy1
    Postal Code Copy2
    City Copy3
    Country Copy4

    ZA info area:

    Field Function
    Type Name

    PR info area:

    Field Function
    Company Name
  6. Define a Search&List configuration (e.g. FIAddress) for the two field groups added in the previous step.
  7. Add a context menu action (e.g. PRAddress) and assign the Selector action, >> Selector:

    For this example, you need to define the following input arguments as follows:

    Input Argument Value
    Type Address
    SearchAndListName FIAddress
    ListConfigs ZA
    LinkInfoArea FI