Virtual Info Areas

Virtual info areas are defined in Aurea CRM web. Therefore, see the Aurea CRM web Administrator Guide on detailed information on how to configure and use them.

Only the function to display different data based on virtual info areas for one info area is available in CRM.pad.


You can define three different virtual info areas for the FI info area called VFI1, VFI2, and VFI3. You can assign different Details pages to each virtual info area. You can then display these three Details pages within the same FI list.

To use virtual info areas:

  1. Create a RecordView action and assign <ID>[Identifier]:

    <ID> is replaced with the record's info area ID (FI, VFI1, etc., [Identifier] can be replaced with a string that determines the Expand configuration you want use for this feature.

  2. Create a new context menu action and assign the RecordView page call. Set the ConfigName to # #[ Identifier].
  3. Create a separate Expand configuration for each info area named e.g. FI[ Identifier], VFI1[Identifier], VFI2[Identifier], and VFI3[Identifier], and assign the desired field group, header group, image etc. to each Expand configuration.

    If you do not define Expand configurations for the virtual info areas, the Expand configuration from the physical info area is applied.

  4. Assign the previously created context menu action as default action to the corresponding Search&List configuration.