Header Tiles

You can define that up to three tiles are displayed in the header.

You need to define the following:

  1. A context menu with the Tile: prefix in the name, e. g. Tile :Company (included in the default configuration).
  2. Add the context menu actions (max. three) for each tile you want to display. The names of the context menu actions also must begin with the prefix Tile:, e.g. Tile:CompanyClassification (assigned to the Tile:Company context menu in the default configuration)

    You can only assign the following two actions (all the other Tiles: <name> included in the default configuration are only used in CRM.mobile).

  3. Add a table caption specifying the fields that are displayed in the tile, e.g. the Tile :Classification table caption (included in the default configuration).

  4. Assign the context menu as control attribute (>> Control Attributes) to the desired field group, e.g. FI field group: