Table Captions

You can define with a table caption which data of a record is displayed in its header, e. g. first and last name for a person or the company name.

To define a table caption:

  1. You can:
    • Switch to the desired info area and click on Table Captions.
    • Click on Table Captions (Views area) on the CRM.designer start page


  2. You can define the following:
    • Image (optional): Name of an image that is displayed on the left of the table caption. The image must already be registered, >> Images.
      • Click on (Add) to select a fixed image.
      • Click on to define conditions for an image to be displayed.


      CAT_AQ _{ 1} refers to the first field defined under Field.

    • Format-Text: You can define which fields added under Field are displayed in which order using placeholders. For example, in the screenshot above, First Name (1.) and Last Name (2.) were added. {1} {2} displays John Doe, {2}, {1} displays Doe, John.

      If you do not define a Format-Text, no Table capition is displayed.

      Note: If you want to display Format-Text without formatting (e.g. display numbers without digit grouping symbol), enter the placeholder as follows {r1}
    • Description: The given description is only available in CRM.designer.
  3. In the lower area you can add the Fields you want to display in the table caption. The fields are numbered automatically. Use these numbers in the placeholders in the Format-Text field, e.g. {1} {2} etc.