Linked Fields

In many info areas, so-called "Z" fields are available. These are write-protected/decoded fields whose values are entered automatically by the business logic, e.g. system and link fields. These fields can cause problems in CRM.pad, therefore, always add these fields as linked fields and set a specific link, e.g.:

Linked fields are displayed read-only when in Edit mode.

For the NewView action call, linked fields are only supported if a record selector is defined. Example: The Select Company and Select Person fields in the MA : New Edit control.

implement the following changes in designer To ensure that Generic Links can work properly:


Provide a function name as GenericLink for a field, which you want to define as a hyperlink to navigate to generic link, as shown in the screenshot.

Info Area

Add a function name as GenericLinkInfoArea for field Link to Info Area, as below.


Add Functions names GenericStaNo , GenericSerNo for Link "StaNo", Link "SerNo" fields respectively as below.