Editing Geographic Coordinates

You can add the geo-coordinate fields (longitude (x) and latitude (y)) to an Edit control and allow the user to clear the stored values and/or set the coordinates to his current location. To do so, perform the following steps:

  1. Switch to the desired Edit control. For example, Edit control for the FI Field group.
  2. If necessary, add the Longitude (x) and Latitude (y) fields (the Longitude field must be added first) to the desired Edit view panel.
  3. Define the following Field Attributes:

    For the Longitude (x) field:

    • Enable No Label
    • Enable Extended Options and enter {"GPS":"X"}

    For the Latitude (y) field:

    • Enable Colspan and enter 2
    • Enable Extended Options and enter {"GPS":"Y"}

The two coordinates display as shown below, in the Edit view:

When the user taps on the coordinates, the MiniMap displays the location:

Users can change the geographic coordinates to their current position, delete them (with a long tap on the map), or enter new coordinates manually.