Predefined Values for New Records

You can define values that are automatically entered when a new record is created. This requires a Template filter that you specify when you assign the NewView action call.

To specify a Template filter in the NewView action:

  1. Define a filter with the values you want to enter automatically, >> see the CRM.designer Administrator Guide on how to define filters.

    For example, the following filter (MA.TemplateNew) sets the activity type, the status, the current date and time, and the current rep name.

  2. Assign this filter to a button, e. g. the AddAppointment button, >> Buttons.
  3. Click on (Edit) besides Action and enter your filter's name in the TemplateFilterName field.

    In this example, when the user clicks on the (Add Appointment) button, the filter is applied and the following data is automatically entered in the new record.

Field values are either used as predefined field values (the field must be included in the record's Edit control or as fixed field values (the fields are configured on the Edit control and, therefore, cannot be changed by the user).

You can also add template filter values to tabs of type CHILDREN by adding the name of the filter as third argument, e. g. CHILDREN_MA_MA.MyTemplateFilter.