Displaying a Map in a List containing Search Results

You can define that a map showing the search results is displayed in the result list, e.g. a rep searches for the appointments of the day, and the location of the companies to be visited are marked in the map.

To display a search result in the map:

  1. Add the GPS fields (Longitude and Latitude) to the desired List control (e.g., FI field group's List control).
  2. If you do not want them to be displayed in the list, set the Hide Field attribute for these fields.
  3. Assign the RecordListView action to the desired item (e. g. to the LIST_FI application menu action of the SMARTBOOK application menu) and set the MapView input argument to true:

  4. You can limit the displayed items with the (numeric) MaxCountMapView Web-Configuration Parameter, >> MaxCountMapView.