Defining the Fields' Order

In CRM.pad, the fields displayed in lists are not displayed in columns. Therefore, the Column Width attributes are used to define how data is displayed in lists.

By default, the fields are displayed in the order they were added to the Fields panel in two columns within a row:

In this example, the person's first and last name were combined with the Colspan attribute, >> Colspan.

However, you can also use the Column Width attributes to define how the fields are displayed. You can enter order numbers, for example:

This results in the data being displayed as follows:

Note: If you use the V 1.x layout, you can only enter the values 1 to 6 into this column, however, this restriction does not apply in CRM.pad 2.x. The width settings are otherwise not used in CRM.pad.Some functions may initially have a negative value entered in this column. You can replace these values with your desired order.