Example: Decision Filter for the Quick Add

You can specify a Decision filter in the new FieldGroupDecider input argument (Serialentry action call).

In the following example, items with an Item No. between 1000 and 1999 will not apply the field group defined in the SerialEntry action call but the ones defined in the following Decision filter (i. e. AR2, UP2, and LP2).

The SourceFG (AR2), DestFG (UP2) and DestChildFG (LP2) parameters are applied to all items within the Item No. range from 1000 to1999. These parameters override the "default" field group assigned in the SerialEntry action call.

You can also define multiple sub-info area nodes for multiple conditions.

You can define the following parameters:

Decision filters only affect the display of data, the quick add business logic remains unchanged and is still defined in the field groups and in the action calls: