Conditional New/Edit Rights Using Rights Filters

The RightsFilterName parameter is available for the NewView and the EditView actions. If you enter a filter name, it is applied to the current record (e.g. in edit mode, the record to be edited, and in New mode, the linked parent record, i.e. the record from where the New mode was started). Only if the record fulfills the criteria, the operation is carried out.


A user can create a person for a linked company, but only if the company meets the defined filter criterion (e. g. must be based in Austria). If the filter criterion is not met, an error message is displayed ("Action is not allowed. Data content prohibits this action.").

You can define your own message text by entering a Display-Text in the filter. This text is then displayed instead of the standard text:

Note: Depending on where the checked record is stored (server or client), the filter is either applied on the client or remotely. If the filter does not only check conditions on the current record but also e.g. parent or linked records, ensure that all records needed to check the rights filter are also synchronized to the client.

Some linked records may not be synchronized if there are custom filters defined on the record. To override the filters and ensure that the linked records are synchronized, set the Sync.IncludeLinkedData parameter to true. For more information, see Filters.